Building a camping toilet

Camping toilets – build your own!

It is possible to build your own camping toilet. A very basic camping toilet is simply a double or treble strenght garabage bag.

However these can be a bit messy!

But building your own portable toilet is actually quite simple.

You will need:

  • A strong resealable bucket or can.
  • A number of strong garbage bags to fold over the rim (always check the size!)
  • A plastic toilet seat to place on top of the bucket (you have to have some comfort!)

That’s it you then just assemble the bags and the bucket and put on the seat and away you go. Ok you do have to make sure the bags fit, and everything is sturdy but that’s really the basics of setting up your own portable camping toilet.

A few words of caution:

Every time you use the toilet you should make sure you place some chemicals, which you can buy in your local outdoor store into the toilet. This will help break down your waste and keep it smelling a little better. Remember an outdoor toilet can smell pretty rotten, given the heat, the amount of usage etc. And there’s nothing worse than a stinking toilet.

Your local camping shop will be able to give you great advice re the right chemicals to use. You don’t want to use something to strong which then breaks the garbage bags and … well you can imagine the rest.

Before you leave your campsite you will need to dispose of the waste (which may be be now decomposed) but make sure you get rid of it correctly.

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