is all about you and all about camping in United States.

The mission of this site is to create a camping website that will help you get the most from any camping trip you take.  If you’re a boy scout, a girl guide or a family or a high end adventurer we aim to provide you with the information and resources that will make your camping trip more comfortable.  If you have ideas, or would like an article published here please get in contact with us so that we can include it under our camping articles.

Why go camping?

A question so many people ask.  Why should I go camping.  They then realize that given the right weather (one thing you can’t control) camping holidays can be the most enjoyable holidays you will have.

Imagine (cue dream like music and mist!) sitting outside after a fun day swimming in the clear blue waters of a fabulous lake. There you are enjoying a fine meal (things always taste better) that you cooked on your little camping stove. As you take a sip of your ice cold beverage (what a great camping gadget that was to keep drinks cold) you begin to relax and think to yourself “this is the life”, as the it gets a bit cooler you look up to see the stars shining brightly like you never saw them before.  Can life really be this great…..

CUT now back to reality….

Camping holidays are one of the best things you can do and just so enjoyable if you have all the right equipment.  Worst thing you can do is buy cheap camping equipment thinking you are getting a bargain. Only to find that the bargain does not keep you warm at night, or breaks as soon as you use it!!!

So how’s this site going to help you?  By providing you with information about everything you need to make that camping trip really enjoyable.  I’m going to share my camping tips and the tips of my friends to help you not make the costly mistake of buying the wrong gear.

You may need to invest in good quality gear but you will find that it will last for years to come.  Let’s say you invest a few thousand dollars (not that you need that much to start off with) – you will still have the same gear (as long as you look after it) for many years to come.

And if you decide camping is not for you then you could always sell of the equipment if needed.

First things first regarding camping

Ask yourself do I like the outdoors?  After all if you are going to spend a few nights or weeks camping you gotta like being outside and not be afraid of flies, roughing it a bit, the possibility of your tent falling down etc.  If you’re more used to 5 start hotels, it can be a bit of a change!

Even if you’re used to 5 star luxury you can find luxury tents and sleeping bags – to be honest like everything the sky is the limit – the more you spend the more you can get. Believe me there was a day when camping stores sold camping tents and sleeping bags. Now you can get all types of tents, and even the likes of hello kitty sleeping bags. Bottom line you can have as much or as little luxury as you wish – it’s all about the money!


This site will be constantly updated and we have lots of ideas for the future including camping locations, reviewing camping equipment, building up a list of camping stories you can tell by the campfire and much much more.


Feel free to browse around the site and learn a little bit more about camping and how much fun you can have!

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